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Gig Harbor, WA

Family Owned and Operated


Our Story

Lele and her parents came to the United States as South Vietnamese refugees leaving their home in Saigon. Working a full-time job as a cake decorator, Lele had four children and her parents to care for. In 2001, Lele gathered enough support to open up her first restaurant on the Hilltop of Tacoma, WA. The restaurant gave friends and family members a safe place to work and be together. There, in that small kitchen, a community of Vietnamese uncles and aunties was built.

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SINCE 2001

Family's Recipe


Since then, Lele has opened and closed down several other restaurants over the course of nineteen years. She holds onto one location in Gig Harbor, Washington with Grandma as the head cook. Lele’s remains family owned and operated. Every day we work together to create a traditional taste of our homeland for our guests. We serve each bite of Southeast Asia, with story of culture, authenticity.

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